Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Central Heating and a Bath!

Well, after weeks living in rural England with the brief stop in places like Leighton Buzzard and Milton Keynes, I'm spending my first few days back in London since we moved on to the boat.

It's odd being in such a big city again - and odd spending time in some of my old stomping grounds. While I enjoyed waking up warm and having a bath, I do miss the boat and the tranquility of our current mooring in a village outside Milton Keynes. All the noise, people, and bustle are quite jarring after weeks on the boat!

But, a few days in London - buying a bike, getting the car mended, picking up meds for our cat and catching up with friends is welcome - it will just take a bit of getting used to.

Have raided my mobile phone for pictures - I'm not much of a photographer - but here is the good ship Friendship in ice - a common scene over the past few months!!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

One Month Between Posts? Shameful!

..but, things have been busy indeed!

Firstly, we were iced in at Marsworth for 2 weeks. While there, we ran out of calor gas, and ran quite low of water.

Then, when it looked like the ice was just about thin enough to try to head off, we set out for Leighton Buzzard. And got iced in again. And ran out of calor gas again!

Then, we finally made it to Leighton Buzzard. And got iced in again. And ran out of calor gas again!

See a theme?

Thankfully, the weather now (touch wood) appears to have changed for the better. We sorted out our gas problem - a leak. We have given up on making it to Huddersfield (which was our first destination) but have managed to find quite a few nice places to moor along the way. We're still heading North - but slowly.

We've even managed to work out how to get more time out of the laptop's batteries - which means that tomorrow I hope to post some pictures of our boat and our travels to date!

I'm going to keep this post brief - lots of things to catch up with and need to give the fire another poke - it may be warmer, but it sure ain't tropical!!