Thursday, 3 December 2009

We've done it!

Andrew and I are now the proud owners of NB Friendship - a 52' narrowboat currently moored in Iver, Bucks. Over the past few weeks we've negotiated the minefield of borrowing a huge amount of money, buying a boat, and are now setting it up so we can live on it from 18 December.

Now that we have a boat, this blog will be updated much more regularly! Watch for updates on where we are so that, if we are in your area, you can pop round for a cup of tea or something stronger!

NB Friendship - may God bless her and all who sail in her!


  1. Congratulations, starting in December, if you stick the first 6 month its all plain sailing.
    Are you going to stay at Ivor for the near future or set off round the system.

  2. Fantastic news!

    Enjoy your first Christmas afloat. Will link to your blog, and keep up with your progress. Maybe even see you on the cut sometime!

    All the best
    NB Lucky Duck

  3. Good luck to you both.
    One day I will be doing the same.
    Dave Winter (Brassiclint) on Twitter.

  4. Hi everyone! The plan is to set off towards Leicester (aiming to beat some of the closures on the Grand Union) on the 27th! Looks like we might be cruising through snow!