Friday, 17 December 2010

All pumped out and nowhere to go

Like most other boats over the past few weeks, we've been iced in. Last year we crashed through our fair share of ice, and were determined to avoid it if at all possible. We've been in Marsworth for a few weeks waiting for the ice to melt, and by yesterday afternoon, it was! We made a dash for the marina to pump out our waste tank (goodbye one months worth of poop!) and moored up. We have to work all day today (Friday) which means that as the weather deteriorates - again - we will most likely find ourselves iced in a few miles from where we've spent the past few weeks - but at least now we will be able to use the loo without worrying too much about the waste tank.

Now, for some water. Please, PLEASE may we not be iced in when we get home - or please, may the water fairy fill our tank tonight!

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