Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Never Apologise, never explain

Oh! So I've been gone for a while. I see that my last post was in February.

Why has this been the case? Where to start!

Needless to say, getting used to living on a narrowboat took rather more time than I thought. In those days in February, and onwards until May, once I had finished cleaning, working, gathering wood, and moving the boat - well, there was neither the time (nor, most likely the battery power) for such luxuries as updating the blog.

The last 10 months in a nutshell included the sad death of First Mate Oliver the cat, an unwelcome Cancer diagnosis, a very welcome Cancer "all clear", some new batteries (hence why I have a fully charged laptop to update the blog) and travels up through Stoke Bruerne, Braunston, Oxford, Rugby, Coventry.

Where are we now? In Marsworth, of course - and, as we always seem to be when I am in Marsworth, we are iced in.

I'm hoping that my local paper back in Canada will put a link to this blog on their webpage - and so will certainly be keeping this blog up to date. I hope to include some more of our tales on the boat - and also my ramblings on the state of this wonderful, maddening, enchanting, frustrating, and beautiful country.

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